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Gentle Yin Therapies

Relaxation Massage    CranioSacral Therapy    Prenatal (Pregnancy) Massage
Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD)

 Welcome to the Yin side of Zenfinity.  If you are looking for a strong, deep massage, with a lot of pressure, or you have a musculoskeletal problem you need solved, like chronic pain, you need to go to the Yang side of Zenfinity.
     Here in the Yin, we provide therapies that nurture your muscles and skin, with a sure and gentle hand.  While the Yin body therapies employ a light to moderate pressure, we are not merely spreading oil around.  Our primary purpose is always to help you heal.  However, we recognize that there are many different paths to healing and that yours may require a more gentle, patient approach.
     While some feel they need to walk through the fire, you prefer to simply pour water on it.  We live in a very Yang world – always on, demanding, fast-paced, always on the go.  While some Yang people may need to be pushed through the Yang to the Yin on the other side of their tension, you prefer a more Yin approach that beckons and draws you back into the Yin.
     We understand the quote “Nothing is so strong as gentleness, nothing so gentle as real strength.”  Instead of pushing you through your boundaries, we listen to you and your body, inviting your body to relax and let us in.

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