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Michael Raphael
Mon - Sat : 10am - 10pm

Roxanne Raphael
Mon - Fri : 10am - 8pm
Sunday : 1pm-7pm


Deep Tissue Therapy  |  NeuroMuscular Realignment  |  Ashiatsu (Back-Walking) Massage

Welcome to the Yang side of Zenfinity.  If you are looking for a light, or soothing, relaxing massage, or have a very low pain threshold, you need to go to the Yin side of Zenfinity.
Here, in the Yang, we only do intense, focused, very deep, and yes - sometimes even painful therapy.  So why would you want that?  Because you want results, and quickly. You don’t care to be pampered. You want to feel you’ve accomplished something very tangible when you spend your time and money. You understand that often times, the fastest way to relieve yourself of bad pain, is to go through some good pain. You’ve got thick skin and tight muscles, and you’ve gone to others for so-called “Deep Tissue therapy”, only to have to continuously ask for more pressure and leave disappointed.  You’ve tried countless different types of therapy for your chronic issues, without any significant or lasting relief. But, rather than look for a shoulder to cry on, you continue to seek solutions.
You have finally come to the right place.  We understand you.  We can help.

Presently you may be living too much in the Yang – your life or your pain - hard, fast, intense, always on. While your soul craves to rest in the Yin, you may have difficulty finding it.  Though we will match our pressure with your pain tolerance, much of your Yang therapy session will not be relaxing, but it may have its moments, and you will feel incredibly relaxed afterward – “like a whole new person”, we’re often told.  In essence, we will help you achieve balance by leading you deeper into and through the Yang, to find the soft waters of the Yin within.

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