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Relaxation Massage
Often diet, exercise, and even meditation just aren't enough to prevent tension from building in the body.  Sometimes, the tension comes from challenging physical labor, but often bodily tension is caused by stress, or simply from hours spent working in a chair (something that, having evolved from hunter/gatherers, our bodies just aren't meant to do).  While we may think of our stress as something that comes and goes, stress also causes a physiological response and can accumulate in the body as excess belly fat and muscular tension, especially in the shoulders and hips.  This is why regular massage has become necessary for taking care of our health.

Our relaxation massage uses gentle to moderate pressure Swedish massage techniques, like kneading, rocking, and long smooth gliding strokes called effleurage.  1 hour gets you a full-body massage, while a 90-min. session includes lots of stretching of the legs, hips, shoulders, arms, and neck, which helps the effects of the massage last much longer.

If you really want someone to dig in there and work out your "knots", this is not included in the Relaxation Massage.  Rather, you need a Deep Tissue Massage.


1-Hour: $70

90-mins. $100

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