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MyoStructural Realignment (MSR)
Often times, the location of your pain is not the source of the problem.  Sometimes the source of the problem is actually on the opposite side of the body, such as when tight and shortened pectoral muscles pull your shoulders forward causing pain in your rhomboid and trapezius muscles of the upper back and shoulders.  While this understanding guides much of the work we do at Zenfinity, it is especially applicable to Myostructural Realignment.

Developed by Zenfinity's founder, Michael Raphael, MSR combines advanced musculoskeletal assessment techniques, NeuroMuscular Therapy (NMT), advanced flexibility training, myofascial stretching, and Muscle Energy Techniques (MET) like Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Fascilitation (PNF) and Reciprocal Inhibition to find and resolve musculoskeletal imbalances caused by injury and/or unbalanced repetitive movements and postures. While Chiropractic work typically attempts to 'pop' the spine back into place, MSR addresses the muscles that are pulling the spine out of place. Additionally, MSR addresses the balance of the hips, which are the foundation for the central support beam (the spine) of your body structure. During and/or after the sessions you will be taught specific stretches that you can do on your own to help continue the healing process.

MSR is especially effective at treating sciatica, chronic and acute back pain, and migraines.  While some pain conditions can be cleared up with a single session, it is recommended to get at least 3 sessions in order to properly retrain the muscles.

1hr.= $90 /  90-mins.= $130 /  2hrs.=$160

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