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The truth behind those advertisements is that for years, the models have been wearing false eyelashes. This is why you now see the disclaimer on the television mascara advertisements.  Celebrities and women jet-setting all over the world enjoy this luxury, so go ahead and pamper yourself!

You Too Can Have Amazing Lashes 24/7!

Semi-permanent eyelash extensions  are not traditional false eyelash strips eyelash flares/clusters, or implants.  Developed to enhance your natural eyelashes, each single strand is individually applied to a single eyelash. Safe and comfortable to wear, your extensions are never applied directly to your skin or eyelid.  So, treat yourself to this luxury and go about your normal routines of swimming, exercising, dancing, and living! With proper home care, you only need routine touch-ups to fill in shed lashes every 2 - 4 weeks, due to the regular growth & shed cycle of your natural lashes and your lifestyle.

Unfortunately, not every Lash Stylist provides the same level of conscientious care and attention to detail.  Before choosing a Lash Stylist, we highly recommend that you compare Before & After photos ,  the establishments' reviews and ratings, and the attention to detail on your intake/consultation.

Full Set​                                        Fill

             $140                                  $70 (2-3 weeks)

                                                             (less than 50% of lashes attached
                                                              is considered  
a Full Set application)

** Please note, for various reasons, I do not fill other

lash tech's work unless you have had a consultation with me first.


* Disease/Disorder that causes twitching of the eyes or shaking
* Any condition making it difficult to completely close your eyes
* Antibiotics/ certain medications 
* Seasonal Allergies and sensitive eyes 
* Extremely Oily Hair/Skin (oils will cause the adhesive to break down)
* Weak/Thin lashes (please use a lash growth serum for 8 weeks prior)
* Conjunctivitis, Dry Skin, or any skin condition around the eyes

Wait Time After the Following Procedures
Chemotherapy - 6 weeks
Surgical Procedures in eye area - 2-6 months
Microblading - 3 weeks
Permanent Makeup (Eye)  - 4 weeks
Permanent Makeup (Lips) - 3 weeks
Chemical Peel/Microbdermabrasion/Retin-A/Accutane - 4 weeks

Your Big Day

* Shower before your arrival

* Come without makeup around eye area and completely cleaned lashes

so we can start application (Having me clean your lashes

for you only cuts into your lash application time)
* If you wear contacts, bring your glasses. Lashes will not be applied if you are wearing your contacts.

* Dress comfortably as you will be resting on your back for 

approximately 2 hours

*Phones must be on mute in the office

After Care of Yo
ur Lovely Lashes

* Avoid steam/sauna/hot shower or hot bath for 24 hours

* Clean and Brush daily
* Avoid waterproof mascara
* Avoid oil based creams and cleansers near the eye area
* No lash curlers, perming, or tinting of lashes after application
* Avoid extreme heat (be cautious when opening the oven or blow drying your hair)
* DO NOT pull or tug on your lashes and be careful not to rub your eyes

Available By Appointment Only
During These Hours

Michael Raphael
Mon - Sat : 10am - 10pm

Roxanne Raphael
Mon - Fri : 10am - 8pm

Sunday : 1pm-7pm

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